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A Romantic Date Night In

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There’s nothing better than a cozy night at home with the one you love. It’s even better if you add some wine into the mix. Then up the ante one more time by bringing some fine chocolate to your little party of two. Wine and chocolate for a romantic date night in? Yes, please!

So even though this year might look a little different for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, 7 Deadly still wants to make it special for you. We’ve partnered with the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company to come up with three different 7 Deadly wines and Ghirardelli’s pairings to make the night one to remember. Here’s how to set your home up for a romantic date night in with the best wine and chocolate combinations to enjoy.

Add Some Romantic Ambiance

Make the room glow with the right ambiance. It doesn’t matter if it’s just your regular old living room or kitchen. Dim the lights, ignite a bounty of romantic candles all over the room, and have the fireplace going in the background, if you have one. Turn on some of your favorite romantic tunes playing softly to set the mood. Come up with the right playlist that you both will love to hear. That probably includes all of those special songs that mean so much to you, like the first song you slow danced to together.

Use Your Best Tableware & Wine Glasses

For a romantic night at home, make sure you use all of your best tableware and wine glasses. You know, the ones you usually only use when you have guests over. It will feel more festive and fancy if you set up your dining table or island space with your nicest serving pieces. Give in, and treat yourself.

Try These Three Sinful Pairings

Now for the best part…the wine and chocolate, of course. 7 Deadly makes three exceptional red wines that are going to pair so phenomenally with three different types of Ghirardelli chocolate. There’s also a fruit pairing in there for the perfect trio.

7 Deadly Cabernet Sauvignon with Ghirardelli Raspberry Radiance and Pomegranate Seeds

The rich notes of 7 Deadly Cab with blackberry, vanilla, and mocha pair so beautifully with the bright raspberry fruit bits of Ghirardelli Raspberry Radiance. Then when you add in some pomegranate seeds, this is a delicious pairing that brings out the intense flavor of the dark chocolate.

7 Deadly Red Blend with Ghirardelli Sea Salt Soiree and Fuji Apple

Another great wine on the list is our 7 Deadly Red, featuring the bold flavors of cherry, cranberry, and smokey black pepper. The best chocolate with this is Ghirardelli’s Sea Salt Soiree with its roasted almonds and delicate sea salt in fine dark chocolate. Add in a side of sliced Fuji apples to make this pairing a pleasure for your senses.

7 Deadly Zinfandel with Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate and Cherries

Finally, cap off your tasting night with the original varietal, 7 Deadly Zins, a true Old Vine Zinfandel that features full-bodied dark fruits, oak, and spicy notes. Go simple with Ghirardelli’s Intense Dark Chocolate that has 72 % cacao in this “Twilight Delight” bar. Complete the taste sensation with a side of robust and bright cherries.