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Dark and intriguing, discover wines from the award-winning Lodi AVA region.

Released in 2002, 7 Deadly® was born from a Catholic school upbringing and our winemaker’s lust for hedonistically seductive wine.

Seven specific vineyards were chosen for the inaugural vintage in the enviable Lodi appellation, where Zinfandel reigns supreme. The Seven Sins were related to the seven Old Vine Zinfandels blended in the wine to create 7 Deadly Zins™, now America’s favorite Zinfandel.

7 Deadly also includes 7 Deadly® Red and 7 Deadly® Cab, bold reds designed to seduce the taste buds with big mouthfeel, good structure and a long finish.

Our full portfolio, crafted from the diverse and hallowed soils of the Lodi AVA, is Lodi Rules Certified Sustainable.

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The Lodi Ava Region

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